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SINA PLUMBING,DRAIN GROUP MANAGEMENT SERVICES is Chicago Land plumbing Drainage, Sewer Replacement, water Damage Restoration and Electrical SPECIALISTS IN COMMERCIAL Residential PROPERTY MANAGEMENT.
Our team Of Heating and Plumbing, Electrical Engineers are all City Licensed qualified and have been chosen for their reliability and dedication to doing a first rate job every time.
SPG MANAGEMENT SERVICES Has been providing a high quality plumbing, central heating, Drainage Electrical service, throughout Chicago land area, for many years.
All of our engineers have a minimum of 10 years experience in their trade. Over time we have built up a reliable and reputable plumbing company.


We are Here for you.Plumbing,Drainage,Water Damage,24/7 Emergency Services.'We are there when you need us,ready to take care of any problem that you may have with plumbing systems.'We know your time is valuable.That is why when you call, we will arrive when you need.Sina Plumbing Group Management Services is a Residential,commercial management company in Chicago, IL. Residential,Commercial property management has special requirements. Many commercial facilities have a significant investment in various routine mechanical, plant and equipment that are integral to the operation of the facility. Managing commercial properties does not just mean coming out when the there is a problem with a drain or the heat. If any of your mechanical are not working then you are out business.' 'Sina Plumbing Group Management Services has deep expertise in almost every commercial construction discipline from plumbing, to electrical work to general construction, We offer a complete suite of services related to maintenance, code compliance, repairs and coordination with other contractors as needed in Chicago, IL.

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Our commercial and residential properties have benefited much from the business of Sina Plumbing group because of the following characteristics of their services: Being punctual, competitive in price, efficient in performance, and standing behind their commitment to do the work that is proper. In addition, their immediately responding to some of our emergency situations have saved us plenty of cash.

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Stop the source of water flow. Whether you have a broken pipe, leaky roof, sewer backup or other source of water damage the first step to stop the flow of water. Thoroughly dry the area, Assess for mold and presence of bacteria or other pathogens. Provide mold and pathogen remediation services as needed. Fix underlying source of water if appropriate or instance, improve basement drainage in a case of flooding to avoid a recurrence. Provide needed structural repairs. Provide cosmetic repairs. Certify that the area is mold and pathogen free.

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